Howling for Hope INC.

At Howling for Hope Inc., our goal is to enrich the community through the promotion of the arts. We achieve this by organizing and marketing events that support local artists, foster community bonds, and strengthen connections between artists and the nonprofit organizations in their area.

For our upcoming event, we are proud to partner with Murray W.A.T.C.H. Through this collaboration, we are focusing our efforts on supporting and reaching out to individuals with special needs and disabilities. This partnership allows us to extend our mission of community support and artistic promotion to include some of the most deserving and inspiring members of our society.

We invite you to join us in our mission. Whether you attend the festival, volunteer your time, or make a pledge, your support makes a significant difference. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, no matter their circumstances.

Join us in amplifying hope and making a lasting impact! 

For more information about the Howling for Hope Music Festival, the WATCH Program, or how you can get involved, please visit our charity page, contact us at howlingforhopemarketing@gmail.com or visit our Facebook event page regularly for updates.

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